You Tell Me

If I had a chance to have a watch that transports me back in time.

If I had chance to grab the DeLorean and drive 88 miles to go back and view my life.

If I sleep and wake up, finding myself in the past.

If I had a chance to talk to Rohit of the past.

What could I say?

What could I say? Should I warn him about the future and disrupt the space-time continuum. Do I have to be silent and see him go in the bus of life. Going high, mighty, proud and hitting the head on the roof. Getting hurt, bruised with no one to treat. Would I have to continue watching him and ignore the fact that I will watch myself on the floor of the bus , almost given up and feeling of jumping out of the bus?

What could I say? That I misunderstood the concept of love and affection. That I have to see my friends letting me go and it is going to hurt badly. Would I push him away from the vision and dream of living an ideal life and work towards affording to say the word LIFE. Should I say that being a perfectionist is fine and whatever I lose now could be gained later.

What could I say? The world isn’t the Neverland your favourite cartoon shows and animated movies said it would be. Do I have to say that you are going to be body-shamed and people look at the skin colour which resembles their insecurities. That it was a bad idea on being silent and letting it pass.

What could I say? That the things I dreamt I would do are still on track. Should I thank him for taking science in 11th because that opened up my mind and gave me the courage to step out and do what I have to do. Can I slap him for not doing well in 12th grade exams and seeing Amma being let down, crushing her hopes once again.

What could I say? That I am going to be writing and reading and speaking constantly and going to love every minute of it. That maybe college has allowed me to explore various avenues in life itself. Can I give him a hint that I should be grateful to the people who provide me unconditional love . That I would again love people who would listen to the most hideous things in your life, warn that they will whack you with utensils but still stay.

What could I say? That I would begin trusting people from them knowing your phone password to your insecurities. Do I have to say that I continue getting anxiety attacks and panic attacks. Should I say that I am losing weight but that it is not only due to exercises and I should be concerned. Can I say that I have taken up quizzing and even though I fare average, I am content with it.

I could say a lot of things, anecdotes, tales, trips people.


What would I say?

Maybe sit down with that Rohit, whichever age he is at. Calm him down because he is going to be scared and scarred in seeing me.And without listening to his questions, will say “You Tell Me” and just listen to whatever extremely normal or abnormal thing he would say.

Because that Rohit is the reason, this guy has evolved and matured far beyond. That guy is the reason I would continue doing what I love to do.

10 thoughts on “You Tell Me

  1. You have the ability to make us time travel into your life just with those words. I loved the way it started. I loved it way it ended. Uff! Knowing a little of Rohit in the past and knowing him now and knowing him in these words that you pen down, literally fills in the gap in between. I see you now more matured, more talented…refined and polished. You are sparkling, Rohit! Proud of you!


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