Me and my dost .ppt

My future employers would be privileged to have me. I am part of the rarest kind in Homo sapiens because of this particular quality. This would make me weirdly proud while making others questions on how did they become friends with me. There’s nothing scandalous in what I love, it’s just that it makes people wonder on how people like these exist as well. I love Microsoft PowerPoint. Yes, I love it more than my newspaper pages I design. It’s one of the only few things in life I have loved through all its updates and addition/deletion of features.

The fascination with making PPT presentations came because of Air Conditioners. My school’s computer lab was the only place where A/C is there. Any sane person would learn computers just to save themselves from the scorching heat of Chennai which is omnipresent. Being in fourth grade, my only way out was making PPT’s for any random exhibitions and seminars. And I fell in love.

Ours was probably the most beautiful relationship. PPT understood my needs while I listened patiently to the demands from the other side. We connected really well, that I decided to connect with it even at home. The blank first slide was my canvas where I could be whoever I want. For the longest time, I thought I could make it big in film industries because of my creativity with the software. Thus, launched what I believed to be the greatest production of all time- Rohit Productions.

On completion of one year of making PPT’s from random topics to a family trip to Kodaikanal, I rechristened the production house as Enjoy Productions. I cancelled all my parents engagements on a sultry Saturday back in 2009 and made my parents watch all the presentations I had made. Later, an award show was conducted, yes a PowerPoint presentation was made for this as well. As the host I requested them to vote in different categories. I am surprised they still haven’t abandoned me for the torture of 2009.

The excitement in making PowerPoint presentations died down after three years . Because of the faulty Viewsonic monitor and the CPU whose hotness couldn’t be handled by itself, the production house was forced to shut down. The files were saved in a pen-drive and the computer system, the home of masterpieces was sold.

The PPT files have been transferred to a dozen of pen-drives and later found asylum in my hard disk. I never found the strength to eradicate them from the storage drives despite clear warnings of no space.

PowerPoint was a part of a childhood when I thought I was the coolest kid on the block, it took me a long time to realise I was the only kid in this block. The presentations make me cringe a little now but then I laugh at the bland, stripped of creativity, dead presentations I make now.

Whenever my Psychology professor puts up her PPT, all I am greeted with is blob of texts and infographics all over the place. And when she talks about her kid and his antics. All I am drawn to is the changes I would make in the presentation. Bring in the dissolve animation, add sounds from the ClipArt option, gradient backgrounds and using Chiller font.

The child in me isn’t dead yet after all.

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