MANU MANU. Yes Saar.

*Before you read this, it is recommended you read BA BA Black Sheep as it is ‘the sequel’ of it.*

Manu was an amazing actor since childhood, his father often calls him junior Kamal Hassan due to the sheer fact that he can exhibit a range of emotions within a span of few seconds. Something, that puts his sisters practicing Bharatanatyam to shame. So, it wasn’t a big deal when he put up a façade of him bursting in happiness in front of his B.E friends. B.A isn’t a bad person; however, she was riddled with anxiety or maybe he was riddled with anxiety and low self-esteem and passed the buck to B.A, that we would never know. Manu can almost hear Amitabh Bachchan advising him to go for a lifeline to help him out with this problem. She is often in competition with the Bangalore weather on whose mood would change first. While the first period of the day goes relatively peaceful, the second period would be B.A taking a reincarnation of one of the angry Indian goddesses. This could either be in the form of a class assignment or the professor teaching you on a concept, which (almost) the entire class already knows.

Just like the conditions put down by the person you date, B.A had certain conditions too. Submit all the assignments on time. No problem. Listen to what is happening in class. Manageable. Maintain 75% attendance… This is like asking the Pakistan cricket team to defeat India in a world cup game. This is when Manu had his ‘Chandler’ moment of freaking out, so much commitment to put in for getting something. You would feel like you are thrown into a South Indian film set where you need to fight all villains minus the loud, soul-destroying background score to save your attendance and invariably your girl. It was a struggle for Manu, but surprisingly, he managed it .

Manu met some interesting figures in college. A girl who is extremely obsessed with the area she lives in, that Karan Johar could make a movie on her love for the locality, a guy who perpetually looks stoned, that he might have the rights to be the Indian Snoop Dogg, a girl who drops down puns faster than the tweeting speed of the honourable president of the free world and a guy who is so pious that the desi guruji’s should feel threatened. Manu had met interesting people but not as fascinating as his professors. The first time, Manu saw this professor he would have shuddered but he would never admit this in public. He resembled Hagrid from HP. He looked mean and menacing , calls you “the holiest animal of the country” (Not mentioning the animal’s name as I want to live and nope, that’s not a compliment) and loves to dissect you. No, not literally of course, unless you have the stupidest opinions. And if you make a major mistake, your life would probably be ridiculed by him, just like how Rahul Gandhi is being ridiculed by the media. But he turned to be a real life Sulley (from Monsters Inc), helping Manu in places, when he least expected him to. However, he usually haunts his dreams as well, even when one of his numerous nieces/nephews recites a rhyme. It would seem like Sulley is singing him a rhyme.


Yes Saar


No Saar


No Saar


Na Na Na

The other professor always looks at you in a way that she actually knows what you did last summer, with that boss persona of hers, you are left in awe. At times, Manu has doubts whether she is connected to the underground scene of the city. She unapologetically calls you some random name that unofficially becomes your identity. While the other professor has enough witty insults in your arsenal that could put you and your future generations to shame .

Another devil Manu had encountered was in the form of a lab journal, for the longest time Manu assumed it will carry his obituary considering how he is going to die due the amount of work piling up on him. The work made everyone from Manu’s friend circle a little crazy when one of them started calling Arnold Schwarzenegger (yeah yeah, the spelling is right) as Arnold Shivajinagar. A new border line added in the paper caused more changes and led to even more controversies than the border issues between countries. Even he could manage to pass that hurdle as well, until he met portfolio. Portfolio is a drink you need to serve to your professors.  And working on it is basically a juice-presser to your creativity, your brain is in an over-drive hoping that you don’t have to go to DisCo (fancy term for Discipline Committee, you would have to go there if the ‘juice’ sucks). The subsequent plagiarism checks, spell checks and grammar checks add a kick to the taste and you present the juice to the concerned people. With exams around the corner, Manu is happy that he will be completing a year of relationship with B.A. The relationship was like a BMTC bus ride, going over potholes, speed breakers and at times cruising fast. He was however ecstatic about the fact that he was over Science. But there was someone waiting for him in the corner, CBCS had a smile on her face waiting to potentially disrupt the peace that Manu was in.

To Be Contd…


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